"I am absolutely delighted with Ann and couldn't have done without her these past few weeks. Many thanks." - Mr S., Troon.

"I am very satisfied with Patricia. Lovely girl and a very good worker." - Mrs G., Troon.

"I have found your service excellent and have told several friends about it." - Mrs B., Ayr.

"I am very happy with the arrangement and work of Sam. I have already told two friends of your agency and my satisfaction. I will pass cards on to them." - Ms C., Ayr.

"It is perhaps worth saying the girl that you sent was excellent. She worked extremely hard and did a very thorough job. You should have no hesitation in recommending her or sending her to someone else." - Mr S., Kilmarnock.

"Please let me remark that I really appreciate the professionalism and support I got from your Agency and Heather." - Mr Z., Troon.

"Marie is an excellent cleaner and I expect to use your agency again in the near future." - Mr T., Prestwick.

"I am well satisfied with the work done by Ainsley, and can certainly recommend your agency to my friends." - Ms M., Ayr.

"May I take this opportunity of telling you how pleased I am with Elizabeth. She is a good worker, very reliable and a completely honest and pleasant person to have in the house. Finally, may I say that my association with SelClene has brought me much needed peace of mind." - Ms L., Ayr.

"Linda is a fantastic cleaner. So reliable, very trustworthy and does wee extra jobs for me. Nothing is too much for Linda. She has made a huge difference in my home by clearing a lot of things out. A lovely person." - Miss R., Prestwick.