Would you like to join the UK's largest domestic cleaning agency? Read about what would be involved and then, if you're interested, either phone Gisela or Angela on 01292 443777 or submit an online enquiry.

SelClene Ayrshire offers you a free job-finding service. Clients pay us agency fees. The more happy clients we have, the more work we can offer you. For this to work successfully, you must keep us informed about what you're doing. Please take a moment now to programme your SelClene office phone number into your phone - it will save you time and trouble later!

  1. Being offered a client. We call this allocation. We will call you to offer you suitable work based on the available times, dates and preferences you have given us. Please remember: if any of these change, then you need to notify us. If you decide to go for an interview we assume you really want to work for the client. Please only accept jobs that sound suitable.
  2. Arranging an interview. You will be given the name, address and telephone number of a prospective client, with details of the days and hours required and the work that has been requested (general cleaning and/or ironing). Please call the client promptly to arrange a time and date for an interview. If you cannot contact the client within 24 hours, please inform the agency. When you've arranged the interview, please call us with the date and time. Check if you're expected to start the same day and if so, allow extra time for your visit. It goes without saying that you should attend the interview on time.
  3. At the interview. You should be given a tour of the home. The client should provide a Task Sheet indicating the type of work required. You will find out what cleaning materials are available and where the materials are stored. Are you familiar with the equipment including any electrical equipment? If not, ask for instructions in how to use it. What regular duties are required (e.g. vacuuming, dusting, etc.)? What irregular duties are required (e.g., oven cleaning, inside fridge, windows)?
  4. After the interview. Immediately after the interview, call us to let us know whether you have agreed to start work for the client and if so, tell us the start date and times. Please remember to let us know again in the future if these change.
  5. Arriving at the home. Always arrive on time. If you're expecting to attend the interview and start work immediately, allow 15 minutes for the interview in addition to your working time.

You may want to take some or all of the following to help make your work easier.:

  • A change of shoes - a pair that is comfortable to work in
  • An apron or housecoat to protect your clothes whilst working

Be smartly dressed when attending an interview, but dress down and wear practical clothes if arriving to start work.

Remember to keep a record of your start and finish time, by recording these on the Workers Earnings Receipt Form (WERF) and sign it to say that you've been paid. Remember: once you have finished at your client's, have a look round each room to make sure that things are sitting neat and tidy. Fold towels neatly in the bathroom, sort cushions in the living room area, tidy things away in the kitchen, make sure surfaces are free of any clutter and always remember to empty bins.

Ian, if you wish to use something like the following form, then I'll produce one

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